This was a unique project. It was a video that was already created that required editing and changes to it. I utilized the VideoScribe software to edit and create new parts as per the clients needs.

I created multiple videos for the New York City Department of Buildings. In this example I walk the user through the then new process of how to make a payment on the new DOB Now website. I did both the voice over and editing for this video and many more.

Designed graphics and edited this video short illustrating a collaboration between MakerBot and TOM to help people in need “Need Knowers” at a weekend event.


For this project, I wore a few hats. I worked with a subject matter expert to create three instructor graded courses on Additive Manufacturing. Specifically, we focused on the Replicate Adapt Optimize Framework. We crafted course objectives, course charters, course outlines, grading rubrics, and added all the content to an LMS using the authoring tools Acrobatiq and Knowbly. I also wrote scripts and questions for the video production interview-style learning videos for the courses. I have included two examples below. Finally, I also created graphics and animations for different sections of the course. I used both Keynote and Hype to create the various animations and Affinity Designer for the graphics.

See some samples below.

Graphic Design

Throughout the course I utilized 3d images from CAD software to make the graphics easy to read to the right. Red, in this case, is the most ideal.

Instructional Design

Above is a sample page from one of the three courses I created. The process started with an initial discussion with an SME, went through some tooling, and was finally posted live to the ASME LMS.